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On a Mission. Scott and Joe were both raised in the Mormon community. But being gay puts them at odds with their families and the church. Both Scott and Joe live in California, where the Mormon church has channeled a lot of energy into supporting an anti-gay initiative (known as the Knight Initiative).

first aired on KPFA, April 5th, 2001. Produced for Outright Radio, a queer radio program, distributed by Public Radio International. 26 minutes.

Flowers. A father and daughter's parallel journey to womanhood. Richard goes through the transition of becoming a woman, while his daughter, Noelle, is a teenager. Though Noelle hated her father as a man ("jerky guy") and loves her as a woman, part of her misses her father.

first aired on KPFA, November 28th, 2000. Produced for Outright Radio. 23 minutes. NFCB 2002 Finalist.

Coming Home. Breauna's father, Kevin, died of AIDS when she was 5. When she was 6, she made a picture book about her experience. Her other father, David, adopted her, and is now raising her with his partner, Gregg.

first aired on KPFA, September 29th, 2000. Produced for Outright Radio. 24 minutes.

Women Speak Out on Race in America (excerpts from New York Times interviews). In 2000 the New York Times did a series "Race in America." I interviewed women from around the country, mostly activists, about their experiences of race in America. I produced a compilation of these interviews for Women's International News Gathering Service.

first aired on KPFA, International Women's Day, March 8, 2001. 28 minutes.

Serious Humor. What is humor, and how it can be political? Serious Humor features activists (San Francisco Mime Troupe, Culture Clash), comedians (Wavy Gravy, Kate Clinton), talking heads and plain old folks. Winner of a National Federation of Community Broadcasters award in 2000. Produced with Beatrice Flores, Kathryn Washington, Rosi Reyes.

first aired on KPFA, April 1st, 1999. 28 minutes.

Bi-sexuals in so-called STR8 Relationships. Originally produced while an apprentice with Akinyele Sadiq in 1999, I revised this piece for June 2002 pride.

All audiofiles and content copyright 2007 Aimée S. Pomerleau